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Tim Darrah

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Dave Baker
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Civil Engineering and Surveying Expertise

Successfully designed facilities, roadways, bridges, and highways—to name a few—can help a community thrive and meet the demands of our changing world to stay connected and be sustainable. To ensure the longevity of these structures long after completion, contractors must rely on knowledgeable, trustworthy, and dedicated civil engineers.

CTL’s civil engineers specialize in many technical areas and rely on cutting-edge technology to deliver our projects. We help our clients navigate through the developmental approval process.

The importance of the work our CTL civil engineering department accomplishes can’t be overstated, as the work we do to build infrastructures for communities that function correctly and safely is a necessity.

CTL Offers The Complete Package 

Civil Site Design

By creating thoughtful, comprehensive design solutions through a multi-disciplinary process, our civil engineering team develops complete packages to fulfill clients’ needs.

Whether it’s working with hospitals or the oil and gas industry, our expertise includes providing development in soil and erosion control plans, stormwater management, environmental assessments, gathering line site and cross-sections, and so much more. We’ve designed well pad sites for singular or multiple drilled wells for the oil and gas industry and have used Autodesk Civil 3D® to improve our drafting, designs, and construction documentation for our project management services.

Civil Site Services

We provide infrastructure design and services for municipal and private developers, including public water systems, wastewater treatment plants, and stormwater design and management.

CTL’s civil site services include the following:

  • Residential and commercial land development design
  • Earthwork design
  • Stormwater management and design
  • Oil and gas midstream and upstream design and permitting
  • Retaining wall design
  • Reclamation design
  • Permitting services
  • Pavement design

Additionally, CTL’s extensive experience in surveying and mapping gets projects off the ground and running. Our survey crews provide services utilizing state of the art equipment for spatial data acquisition and remote sensing data capture that integrates with all the current versions of design software in the industry.

Surveying Services

CTL provides all types of surveys including, but not limited to, boundary, topographic, ALTA/NSPS land title, construction layout, wetland profiling, and aerial mapping utilizing our UAV (drone) technology and ground control.

Every step of the way, we supply developers and architects with high-quality surveying services, and get projects through the red tape, and overcome the issues that come with the process.

Our surveying services include the following:

  • Topographic and utility surveying
  • Boundary and ALTA surveying
  • Oil and gas midstream and upstream surveying
  • Construction layout
  • Bridge construction surveying
  • As-built surveying
  • Hydrographic surveying

CTL’s Team Provides Services Efficiently And Cost-Effectively To Meet Your Bottom Line

CTL acts as a one-stop shop for civil engineering services giving our clients comprehensive, scalable projects performed with attention to detail. Over the decades, CTL has provided many solutions for commercial & residential developments, the oil and gas industry, municipalities, education, and other general engineering projects.

We’re innovators who consistently meet timeline and budgetary mandates, and work with our clients to meet all expectations and goals. We do this by providing cost-effective and efficient planning with our in-house site and civil engineering department. From small renovations to significant expansion, CTL solves unique problems during all phases of the development process.

We also understand the requirements and regulations of state public health departments to build strong relationships for successful submittals, reviews, and approvals of permits for projects.

Invest In CTL’s Civil Engineering 

CTL is built on three pillars of communication, teamwork, and leadership in technology. Your next project needs longevity, innovation, and specialization, and our team is ready to help you get started. Contact one of our experts today.






Dave Baker
Location: Akron
Direct Dial: +1 412-432-8341


Tim Darrah
Location: Morgantown
Direct Dial: +1 304-983-7528


CTL Engineering ensures nondiscrimination in all programs and activities in accordance with the Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. If you need more information or special assistance for persons with disabilities or limited English proficiency, contact our office at 614-276-8123.

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