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2019 – A Year in Review

CTL ends each year with recognizing outstanding individuals and departments.

Awards were presented to the recipients listed below in each of the following categories:

Length of Service Awards

5 Years:                Kent McFarland, David Hulse, John Maul, James Gresham,   Aaron Osborne, Thomas Palko

10 Years:             Joseph Hakim

15 Years:             Walt Rough, Many Weldemedhen, Chuck Scripp, Mark Winterstein, Chiranjiv Zutshi, Randy Fladeland, Ernie Dixon,   Doug Batt, Matthew Kairouz

20 Years:             Mary Caskey

25 Years:             Dave Warner

30 Years:             Larry Griffith, Angela McConnell, Ali Karaki, Jim Gowarty

35 Years:             Terry Ferguson

40 Years:             Don Pierce, C.K. Satyapriya, Michael Murray

100% ESOP Vested

Delora Howell, James Gresham, Marshall Davidson, Norman Stout, Bruce Sine

Employee Referral Program

Mark Beasley for referring Timothy Isham

WOW Points

Robert Voss

Departmental Performance Awards

Most Improved:         Geotechnical Engineering, Indianapolis
Most Profitable:        Geotechnical Engineering, Cincinnati

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