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A Letter From CK Satyapriya: Summer 2021

A letter from our President CK Satyapriya for Summer 2021.  Each quarter the President & CEO of CTL Engineering addresses our clients and employee-owners.

Dear Client and Employee Owners:

A friend of mine sent this statement by David Suzuki – “The way we see the world shapes the way we treat it. If a mountain is a deity, not a pile of ore; If a forest is a sacred grove, not timber; if other species are biological kin, not resources; or if the planet is our mother, not an opportunity — then we will treat each other with greater respect. Thus is the challenge, to look at the world from a different perspective.”

Dog Days of Summer are here, particularly in the western states. Scientists state that frequent occurrences such as the disastrous building collapse and loss of many lives in Surfside, Florida, are due to global warming. These events can only be mitigated by all of humanity cooperating and doing their part. One such action is the conservation of energy and resources by properly maintaining existing facilities. To do this, one needs to know the existing condition of the facilities and the available resources to maintain them. This is Asset Management.

I suspect the failure in Florida was due to poor maintenance along with insufficient resources allocated to maintain the facilities. I am sure there are a number of facilities (both public and private) that are in similar condition. Past failures, such as the Hotel in Kansas, Bridge in Minneapolis, etc., resulted in some temporary action but were soon forgotten. Changing the building codes or passing laws will not be enough to change the modus operandi.

A perfect example is the hesitancy to fund the infrastructure bill adequately. Congress has been talking about it for decades. It is easy to invest in a new building since it offers PR opportunities; however, funding for maintenance or repair needs long-term thinking and diligence.

In this newsletter, we will present what CTL is doing to help with this issue. We are providing Asset Management services along with long-term budget forecasts to help our clients plan. The use of technology to collect the data, programs to analyze the data, and user-friendly reports are presented to make decisions based on science. We then can prepare plans and ensure that repairs and/or maintenance activities result in improved ROI.

We look forward to doing our part to take care of this planet for our children.


C.K. Satyapriya, P.E., D. GE, F. ASCE

President & CEO

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