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Always Ready To Go Above and Beyond for The CTL Family! Karen Sexton, CTL’s 2018 Employee of the Year

Karen Sexton CTL Employee of the Year


In March 2000, Karen Sexton began her career at CTL Engineering as Administrative Assistant for Columbus Department 2.  Over the years, she helped out in other departments when they were short-staffed or just needed a hand to get things covered.


Reflecting the values of CTL and setting a good example is part of the criteria for the Employee of the Year award.  Last year, Karen contributed two accepted suggestions to CTL’s Program of Innovation for Excellence (PIE) program that were beneficial for the entire company.

Karen took on the role of City of Columbus project coordinator and helped train new CTL project managers on how to administer new projects.

Also, Karen reached out and coordinated with outside contractors to research and gather information about new processes to help make CTL better.


It’s the environment that makes Karen feel proud to work at CTL.  She likens it to a family where you may not agree on things and even not talk to one another for a while, but when an employee is in need, we gather around to help them.  CTL does not feel like a corporate setting to her.  Karen loves being a CTL’er because “I have a lot of fun here.  CTL is like a family, you can have fun, you can dispute opinions, but in the end, we all have one goal in mind, to succeed.”

Thank you for your hard work and dedication, Karen!

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