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October is ESOP Month!  And we like to celebrate our employee-ownership with a month-long celebration that focuses on our employee-owners their communities.

Here’s how CTL celebrated:


Our employee-owners are the milk to our ESOP cookies!  During Employee Appreciation Week, CTL teamed up with Cheryl’s Cookies to send a tin full of yummy treats to employee-owners’ homes.


We asked our employee-owners, “what does ESOP mean to you?”  Here’s some of the responses we received:

“To me, ESOP means we’re all in this together.  Everyone working together to make our company bigger and better, not only for us, but also for future employees.” – Tricia Miner (Morgantown)

“To me ESOP means taking control of my retirement, making a difference in my financial future and the financial future of my coworkers.”  – Antoinette Khoury (Brunswick)

“One step closer to retirement!” – Robert Adams (Morgantown)

“Personally, I believe that ESOP represents that all of us at CTL are like a family. Each of us depends on one another, not only to promote the growth and success of CTL, but also to succeed as individual employees as well. The better we all do, the greater CTL becomes!” – Kyle Snyder (Columbus)

“ESOP means to me that the hard work and dedication that I put into my work will be rewarded every year as I watch my account statement increase.  It means that those I am working with have the same drive and end goal, to have our ESOP stay strong and be there when we retire.”  – Dawn Pressler (Columbus)


In traditional ESOP month celebrations, we hold costume contests.  In 2021, we held a pumpkin carving/costume contest.  Donovan Smith in our Morgantown office (second row middle) took first prize.


Due to the public health threat that faced many of our communities, local food pantries were more relevant and necessary than ever.  To honor Community Appreciation Week, CTL collected monetary donations from our employee-owners (that CTL AND CK Satyapriya generously matched) to local food pantries.  We are happy to report that all together, we were able to raise $11,832!!!

Thanks to all of our employee-owners in all CTL offices for making a difference!

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