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We are pleased to announce the Third Annual Eligible Suggestions prize drawing winners.  The winner of the $100 third prize is Karen Sexton.  The winner of the $250 second prize is Chris Rittenhouse. The winner of the $500 First Prize is Denise Woodward.  Congratulations to our three winners.  The PIE Committee would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that submitted suggestions and we would encourage eligible Employee Owners of CTL Engineering and our CTL Owned Companies to take the time to think like Owners and make suggestions that will improve our profits and increase our stock value.  The next eligible suggestions prize drawing will be held October 2019 during ESOP month.



We do some pretty good things!  We like to recognize our employee-owners.  Check out all of our accolades and wow points!

WOW Points: Department Managers and Branch Managers give WOW points to employees who they feel deserves extra recognition. These employees go above and beyond their call of duty to provide excellent service to their clients and coworkers. Congratulations to the following WOW Point recipients:

  • Darryl Kuhn,  for improving speed and accuracy of CTL’s daily reporting, for being a key player in training new CTL technicians in his department, and for consistently impressing clients.
  • Cody Craig, for leading inspection efforts, careful layout, measuring, and management of 3,000 patches, and for preventing the contractor from incorporating non-approved materials in the project.
  • Karen Sexton, for being instrumental in improving project initiative by creating a new invoice management sysem reducing the reduncancy in timesheet and record keeping, streamlining, educating and instructing our agencies.  This tailored process will benefit CTL both short and long-term.
  • Marshall Davidson, for completing a large project 300 hours under budget with minimal service calls.
  • Bipender Jindal and Mark Winterstein, for comments received from a client that wanted to confirm that Jindal and Mark performed remarkably well and expeditiously in completing phase 1 study/report and VAP phase 2 document review.
  • Nate Steiner, for comments received from a client that he really appreciated Nate.  He was very helpful and knowledgeable.
  • Matt McClelland, for using his problem-solving skills on a site assessment during challenging weather by inventively making a contraption that saved time and preserved the samples.
  • Many Weldemedhen, for reporting a problem in the building of one of our labs before it could cause extensive damage.
  • Mark Beasley, William Tegge, Zachary Panzeca, Steve Janson and Doug Sberna, for saving CTL money by taking the initiative to internally fix problems with the sprinler valve pit at the street, including digging a trench, excavating, running a new drain line, yard repair and new concrete.

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