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When the Village of Plain City decided they would construct a new municipal building, they figured it would be a long and arduous endeavor.  It turns out that they were right.  The weather, among other things, was one of the biggest obstacles in this project.  Rain delayed the schedule by several months, and the unforeseen problems of any new construction added pressure to the pot.

In comes Industrial Communication and Sound.  ICS installed and integrated the CCTV, Access Control and Audio/Video systems.  The systems are designed to be simple and straight to the point, just what this customer needs, and ICS nailed it!

During the installation phase, the Project Manager, Marshall Davidson, established an understanding with the owners and users.  This rapport allowed the users to let Marshall know their expectations of all the systems and how they intended to use them.  Once integration began, the rapport developed into a relationship.  ICS was able to understand that the technology in the Village’s new building was a giant leap forward from what they had before and was able to keep it simple when conducting training—so much so that the customer had the following words to share to Jason Hodge the ICS Operations Manager:

“I would like to take a moment to thank your very capable staff.  In my experience, most contractors blow-in, do the job and leave.  This is not the experience I have had with Marshall and his team. You have surrounded Marshall with quality individuals; people who care about their work, care about their work environment and care about the clients workspace and relationship.  I cannot say enough positive about Marshall and the team he sends out here to handle my panic situations.  He is patient, knowledgeable and always with a smile on his face. He takes the pressure off of me.  I appreciate Marshall and his team more than you will ever know.  He was and continues to be the easiest part of the building of our new Municipal Building.  

Thank you for having such a spectacular team.  It’s been a true pleasure.”

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