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We Have a Mentorship Program to Help Leaders Grow!

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Support and mentorship are key to helping leaders grow.  That’s why we created a program within our company to foster a culture of success to assist with recruitment, employee engagement, and staff retention here at CTL.  In mid-2018, CTL kicked off its pilot year of a Mentorship Program.  Employees from every branch and every department interested in being involved in a program went through all day mentorship training with an on-site program manager and an outside consultant.  After that, employees chosen to participate as Mentees were paired up with Mentors.

Typical of new and challenging programs, outside interference affected the program in its pilot year resulting in a few growing pains, but we are excited to report that we have one pair close to completing the cycle and another two pairs in the heart of the process.  Now that the physical year is completed, the program manager and consultant are analyzing surveys taken by the Mentors, Mentees, and a focus group of new employees that were not participants in the program.  We plan to tweak the program, add new Mentors and Mentees, and continue to pour our ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) culture into our new employees!

Thank you to all of our Pilot Mentors:  Robert Adams, Marshall Davidson, Jessica Donley, Randy Fladeland, Jason Fry, Michael Hall, Christopher Mitchell, Terry Muhlenkamp, Susan Paul, Steven Sadler, and Joe Stanley.

Thank you to our Pilot Mentees:  Megan Harris, Devin Niebrugge, and Nabeel Shafiq

Program Managers:  Becky Carroll and now Dawn Pressler

Outside Consultant:  Kamy Bhalla

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