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Mentorship Program Update

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Support and mentorship are key to helping leaders grow.  That’s why CTL created a program within our company to foster a culture of success to assist with recruitment, employee engagement, and staff retention.  In mid-2018, CTL kicked off its pilot year of a Mentorship Program.

We are proud to announce that in spite of program changes, a world pandemic, and normal growing pains, we have had multiple Mentor/Mentee dyads complete the program!  With another 11 dyads currently in various stages of completing the program.

Congratulations to Two of our Mentees!

Congratulations Adam Storey (Cleveland Geotechnical Department) and Sarah Miller (Morgantown Geotechnical Department) for completing the Mentorship Program! These two Mentees have just completed the one-year program and taken the end of program survey.

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