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Our Civic Duty: Helping Columbus Police Officers and Firefighters

At their new location in the Jerry Hammond Center, the City of Columbus Civil Service Commission has taken a giant technological leap forward thanks to Industrial Communication and Sound (ICS), a wholly-owned subsidiary of CTL Engineering.  Going from camcorders with memory cards to video streaming and storage servers, the Columbus Civil Service Commission now has a more effective test administration process for Columbus city police officers and firefighters.


As part of the hiring and promotion process, police officers and firefighters watch and react to a pre-recorded video of real-life scenarios.  The body language and verbal responses are recorded onto several storage servers.  Our team installed a redundant camera system in twelve interview rooms to record audio and video at the push of a button.  When testing is complete, the test administrators can immediately access the recorded files for grading via a stand-alone network that is both convenient and secure.


On top of the audio and video recording system in the interview rooms, ICS integrated multiple projectors, voice reinforcement, and hearing assistance into the candidate orientation room.  In a large room with multiple displays and integrated microphones, one staff member can conduct orientation for a larger group.  These capabilities streamline the testing process so a larger number of police officers and firefighters can take their test in a single day.

The staff will also enjoy a 65” interactive display in their conference room.  Utilizing a Crestron brand video switcher, multiple inputs allow a seamless transition between several presenters.  With the connected USB “B” cable, the staff can stand at the display, in front of their audience, while interacting with their computer using just a finger or stylus.

Now at the same location as Columbus Recreation and Parks Sports Office and OhioMeansJobs Columbus-Franklin County (OMJ-CFC), the Columbus Civil Service Commission has undergone a complete transformation.  Without missing a beat, it has made its home on the newly renovated third floor of this historic building and also upgraded technologies that will help local firefighters and police officers.

At ICS, we take pride in knowing that we have fun doing our job, making the customer happy, and doing a public service for the community.  Check out some of our other ICS services here.

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