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Saying Goodbye To Dwight Smith

Dwight Smith, President & CEO of SSICOM, is retiring from CTL Engineering’s Board of Directors after 14 years of service.

As a board member, Dwight played an integral role in many important decisions steering CTL to where we are today, but it is relationships that are life-changing.  Dwight and his wife, Renee, will always be thought of as family to CTL and to the other board members.  In Dwight’s words, “I truly love CTL, the people, the company, the culture, the leadership, and the board.  For me, CTL is like my extended family.  Words cannot truly communicate the honor that I have felt serving CTL.”

Dwight recalls an exciting moment a few years back when the entire company met in Cincinnati and CK Satyapriya announced from the stage that our ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) loan had been paid off.  “The company is now yours”, exclaimed CK with great pride.  Dwight remembers feeling honored to be on stage with CK and likened the roars from employees to the crowd cheering the OSU Football Players as they take the field.  Most of all, he feels blessed for the friends he has made.

His experience and voice will be missed.  We wish him all the best!

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