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Changing Communities With Traffic Signal Design

Traffic Signal Design

Have you ever felt frustrated by catching every red light?  Or worse, sat for too long at a flashing signal when it’s flashing for no good reason?  This is exactly what the residents of Westerville were experiencing.  A growing number of cities are trying to alleviate the traffic congestion nightmare.  Today, in Westerville, OH, traffic is flowing smoother.

Several signals were going on flash and the City was not sure why.  Spencer Hall, a Traffic Signal Specialist now with CTL Engineering, performed evaluations of the signals and found electrical and grounding issues to be the primary cause.  He teamed with a local contractor to do the repairs and oversee the project.  According to experts, signal design work will reduce congestion, save fuel costs, cut down on air pollution and make the roads safer.

Since then, the City of Westerville has requested inspections for their new traffic signals and streetscape projects.  Also in the works, a structure evaluation of every traffic signal within the City.  Our team did great specialized work and we now have requests for additional services including roadway prioritization of repairs and other future projects.

Our mission is to provide great work and we love educating our clients on all the areas of CTL’s expertise.


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