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Required Building Exterior Inspections

For older multi-story building façade, inspection ordinances exist to protect the public from unsafe buildings and conditions. Currently, three cities in Ohio (Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Columbus) have such ordinances that require periodic façade inspections in order to identify hazardous conditions that require emergency actions and repairs, as well as identifying immediate or preventative maintenance needs. Typically, these inspections are performed every 5 years following the initial inspection report. ASTM Standard 2270-14 provides the critical elements for conducting such inspections.  UAV technology can be used, as described below.

These inspections are conducted by or under the direction of either a registered Professional Engineer or Architect with relevant experience. Traditionally, these inspections have been conducted either by scaffolding or rope access. These are time- and cost-intensive, and may lead to safety concerns.


CTL currently employs over four FAA-Certified UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) pilots who are able to work alongside a Professional Engineer or Architect to conduct these inspections. Drone technology has been proven to be a cost effective, safer, and expedient way to inspect and document a building’s condition and to identify areas for further investigation or recommended repairs.  Read more on our website here!

For a cost proposal or more information, please contact Jeremy Degler (, Mathew Aldridge (, Terry Allison (, or Chad Hankins (

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