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Who would need asbestos testing and why?

CTL Engineering asbestos testing

Any building, manufacturing and industrial facility owner planning to renovate or demolish any structure, insulated piping, or heavy machinery has the potential of encountering asbestos-containing materials (ACMs). The work on any renovation/demolition of a building project can come to a halt if the workers encounter any building material that is suspected of being ACM and […]

Our New “Digs” in Pennsylvania!


CTL is excited to announce a new CTL Engineering, Inc. branch office in Waynesburg, Pennsylvania, effective March 2019. Read more and meet the team!

Building Inspections and Building Envelope Evaluations Help Prevent Costly Damage

CTL Engineering building envelope

Building inspections and building envelope evaluations – analyzing the building’s masonry, granite, EFIS, glass, and insulated wall panels are among the most critical but most often overlooked ways a building envelope evaluation expert can help prevent costly damage. Whether your property is used for commercial purposes, education, or healthcare, a building inspection and envelope evaluation […]