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A Letter From CK Satyapriya: Spring 2021

A letter from our President CK Satyapriya for Spring 2021.  Each quarter the President & CEO of CTL Engineering addresses our clients and employee-owners.

Dear Client and Employee Owners:

The past year has a been a trying time for us all. We hope that the new vaccines will help bring some normalcy back to our lives soon. At CTL, we have benefited from being designated an essential business, and thus we were not significantly impacted. A few of our employees were affected, but thankfully there were no deaths. The recent upsurge in the number of reported cases is of concern, and we will do our part to follow CDC and other science-based medical guidelines.

With your support, for the 28th year in a row, CTL was profitable in 2020. We are very proud of our employee-owners’ diligence and dedication to providing the best service to meet your needs. We make additions to our portfolio of services, such as Asset Management, as client demands change.

We differentiate ourselves by “thinking outside the box” to save time and money for you, our clients. This way of thinking requires creativity and expertise to adapt the solutions to the situation or project.

CTL employees are encouraged and trained to be creative. Creativity is not necessarily an elaborate activity but can be small steps taken continuously in every action.  Creativity is not directly related to intelligence, but there are distinct attributes of creative people (Ref. The Leader and Creativity by Irving R. Weschler, Associated press, 1962).

They are:

  •        Sensitivity to Surroundings
  •        Mental Flexibility
  •        Independence of Judgement
  •        Tolerance of Ambiguity
  •        Ability to Abstract
  •        A Restless Urge

We look forward to continuing our relationship.

C.K. Satyapriya, P.E., D. GE, F. ASCE

President & CEO

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