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CTL Assists in Disaster Aid’s Operation

In the mission statement, the “T” in CTL stands for teamwork.  And that’s not limited to just in our workplace.  On June 23-24, Southeastern West Virginia was hit by devastating flooding.  Disaster Aid USA, who provides global emergency relief, was there to help out with the Disaster Aid USA trailer.

CTL Helps

The Disaster Aid USA trailer stores many expensive tools and equipment that need to be kept safe.  CTL’s Morgantown, West Virginia office offered to house the trailer on our property, providing safety and much needed accessibility 24/7.  Because our office has easy access to the interstate, it’s made a huge impact on the time it takes to deploy the trailer and reach an emergency situation.  It has served Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland and Kentucky, and can go beyond that.

CTL employees went a step further by organizing a collection to donate money for those affected by the West Virginia floods, and CTL matched all donations!

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