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Innovation for our Clients

CTL has a drone!  We look to provide new ways to serve our industry.  Our drone can collect high levels of data, provide visual access, and add efficiency to projects.  Video is captured in ultra-high definition (4K) and 12 megapixel photographs can be taken in a grid and stitched together into a large high-res image, which can be geo-referenced with GIS.  The drone has a flight range of 1.5 miles with close range maneuverability, great for inspections and creating 3-D models of structures.  Check out the video here:


Some applications include:

  • Construction inspections
  • Roofing inspections
  • Invasive species surveys
  • Aerial photography and videography
  • Site reconnaissance
  • Telecommunications inspections and bird nest assessments
  • Agricultural monitoring
  • Wetland surveys
  • Aerial surveying
  • Utility line ROW (pipelines, electrical) inspections/surveys
  • Real estate
  • Commercial websites (photos, panoramas, etc.)

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