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Over a Quarter Century of Dedication! Dawn Pressler, CTL’s 2019 Employee of the Year


Dawn Pressler began her long-time career at CTL on March 2nd, 1992, almost 28 years ago!  With a business degree, Dawn was hired as department 2 Columbus Construction Services admin.  In 1998, she stepped up to oversee department 2 and the newly formed department 6 Columbus setting up procedures and functions of both departments, then, eventually, over all Construction Services admins.  After that, Dawn’s position was expanded by CK to oversee all of corporate, fondly being dubbed Head Secretary Lady!


With the official title of Office Support Staff Manager, Dawns successes over the years include standardizing the procedures and look for computer project file set up across all branches and departments so that she or anyone else could cover the workload of any CTL admin in any branch that needed time off.  Even when Dawn left CTL for 9 months, she still came in to work nights on special projects, inputting tech’s timesheets, and helping Dave Breitfeller work on the CTL quality manual.

Her goal has always been to keep everyone moving in the same direction, and doing whatever needs to be done.  If she is capable of doing it and has the time, she wants to do it!


A few key accomplishments this year that earned Dawn the award:

  • Finished spring cleaning the Columbus office
  • Trained Delora on typing concrete so should refocus on the company-wide admins
  • Became the manager of CTL’s mentorship program
  • Took on the overwhelming task of handling the administrative side of HR until a permanent replacement was found
  • Returning to the Fun Czar committee


When asked what Dawn loves about CTL she replied, “The family – the family oriented feeling.  I came in at 21, a farm girl moving to the big city, and they completely took care of me.”  She shared many meaningful stories of the support given to her by CTL staff.  At the beginning, people in her department picked her up when she had car trouble, took her shopping, helped her find an apartment in a better part of town, and Dawn joked that they felt free to give her their opinions on all of her decisions.  Dawn’s 13 year old daughter, Kennedy, practically grew up here.  Dawn is training her to take over one day!

Thank you, Dawn, for your positive attitude, dedication, and so much more all these years!

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