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Piece of the P.I.E.

Pie with Pi Symbol CTL Engineering Program of Innovation for Excellence CTL Engineering

The Program of Innovation for Excellence, or “P.I.E.”, is a program to GET THOSE IDEAS COOKING!  The goal of the program is to provide a process for our employee-owners to submit innovative ideas that improve efficiency, productivity and increase our bottom line and stock values through intrepreneurship.

Suggestions Implemented

P.I.E. was rolled out during the June 2016 ESOP stock meeting.  Since then, the P.I.E. Committee has received nine suggestions from employee-owners.  We would like to thank Sastry Malladi, Austin Bell, Betty Dalton Newbold, Chris Rittenhouse, Julia Frazee, Danielle Shultz, Ralph Bolyard and Sulaiman Dawood for submitting suggestions for review.   Betty’s suggestion for an electronic program that will be able to track electronic payments will result in a savings of labor and materials, thereby cutting costs olklf1l.  As a result, she will receive 10% of the estimated annual savings at the end of 2017.

cash drawing

We encourage all employee-owners to participate and be eligible to win cash in the Annual Eligible Suggestions drawing.  This year, third prize went to Sulaiman Dawood, second prize went to Danielle Shultz, and the first prize winner was Chris Rittenhouse.  Congratulations!

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