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Thermal cameras systems can vastly reduce this time and offer safe distances during monitoring. Cameras placed at entrances can scan employees as they walk into the building. For light traffic, tablets with integrated thermal infrared cameras placed at monitoring locations that allow onsite personnel to take immediate action when a temperature overage occurs. They can scan a single individual in 1 second from a distance of 1 meter and within .5 degrees Fahrenheit. If it senses a temperature higher than the limit, the panel sounds an audible alarm and shows a visual signal by turning red.

For larger-scale applications, high-resolution cameras installed at an entrance can remotely monitor almost instantaneous temperature readings for multiple individuals while passing the monitoring area. This system works particularity well when large numbers of people need to enter a building in a short time like a school or a shift change. It is also possible to integrate the cameras into existing camera software for recording and other analytics.

ICS has a variety of choices when it comes to thermal camera applications. Call us today for a thorough assessment of your application, and how we may assist your organization in keeping your employees safe while adhering to government standards.

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