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In mere weeks, the world went from occasional news of a new virus to virtual lockdowns in many countries due to the rapid spread of COVID-19. Suddenly, we now have roadblocks to our usual and natural ways to communicate between individuals and groups. In most cases, other than those already invested in professional video conferencing systems, we  are limited in our options. Reduced to the capabilities of our personal devices and PC driven conferencing, we have realized that to ensure an effective means of communicating to large groups, whether it be social, religious, educational, business or government, most need more robust solutions.

Software solutions like Zoom and Microsoft Teams are easily attainable yet limited by the capabilities of the hardware and the network. Low video quality, limited control, security, and deployment options can improve dramatically with the selection of adequately chosen equipment.


Whether it is a small office, huddle room, conference room, classroom, courtroom, council chambers, media center, or auditorium, Industrial Communication and Sound, Inc. (ICS), a wholly owned subsidiary of CTL Engineering, can design and implement video conference solutions that fit current and future needs. ICS brings together conferencing technologies from manufacturers like Crestron, Vaddio, Polycom, Lifesize, and Logitech with the experience to integrate them into existing infrastructures or create new ones.


All of this technology comes together with the hardware design and your desired platform to make the transition of your solution, a turnkey process. We have the resources and experience to supply, install, and integrate all of the supporting equipment necessary for a professional installation. Crestron, LG, NEC, Vaddio, Sennheiser, Shure, Biamp, and QSC are just a few of the leading edge manufacturers you will find in the best designs by ICS and around the world.

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