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Team CTL Walks Again in the Heart Walk

Walkers from CTL for the Central Ohio Heart Walk

For 24 years now, CTL’s VP & Chief Financial Officer, Ali Jamshiti, has supported the American Heart Association (AHA) by fund raising for the Central Ohio Heart Walk.

We Have a Mentorship Program to Help Leaders Grow!

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Support and mentorship are key to helping leaders grow. That’s why we created a program within our company to foster a culture of success to assist with recruitment, employee engagement, and staff retention here at CTL. Read about it here.



We do some pretty good things! Department Managers and Branch Managers give WOW points to employees who they feel deserves extra recognition. These employees go above and beyond their call of duty to provide excellent service to their clients and coworkers.

A Letter From CK Satyapriya: Summer 2019


Since the United States formed over 200 years ago, our country has progressively been a beacon of freedom and embraced acceptance of diversity. It is a necessary ingredient for the success of democracy, where diverse ideas help to find new solutions to old problems. Read more.

Could Vapor Intrusion Be a Problem in Your Building?

Vapors from Fuels, Oils, and Solvents Can Cause Negative Health Impacts and Sometimes Pose Safety Hazards. Vapor intrusion into buildings was first identified in the 1980s as concerns over radon gas intrusion grew.  Since then, there has been an increasing concern that vapor-forming petroleum hydrocarbons and chlorinated solvents could threaten indoor air quality and human […]