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How CTL Uses Drones to Accelerate Building Inspection Timelines

LeVeque Tower Drone Inspection

Three CTL projects in Columbus, Ohio, illustrate the potential of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), commonly known as drones, to make building inspections faster, safer, simpler, and less costly. CTL has three FAA-licensed drone pilots on staff to perform a host of inspection duties, primarily supporting our building envelope testing service. Before the emergence of aerial […]

A Letter From CK Satyapriya: Fall 2017

 At CTL, we are staffed by employees that have a passion to help our Clients to be successful, to further their experience and education, and to embrace the most advanced technology. Read more!

7 Ways Drones Make Building Inspections Faster, Cheaper, And Safer

James A. Rhodes State Office Tower Done Inspection

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), better known as drones, are becoming a must-have tool for building inspections. While they aren’t a perfect fit for every building inspection task, drones have many advantages for inspecting building exteriors in search of leaks and wear that can lead to costly failures if left unchecked. Advantages of aerial drones in […]


We do some pretty good things! Department Managers and Branch Managers give WOW points to employees who they feel deserves extra recognition.

We do some pretty good things! Department Managers and Branch Managers give WOW points to employees who they feel deserves extra recognition. These employees go above and beyond their call of duty to provide excellent service to their clients and coworkers.

Why Concrete Testing Shouldn’t Be an Afterthought

Concrete testing

Concrete is so central to modern construction projects that its safety, strength, and reliability are assumed by default. Indeed, concrete’s status, stretching to ancient Rome and beyond, is so well established that it’s easy to treat concrete testing as a checklist item to check off without a lot of thought. That’s unfortunate because concrete testing […]

Akron Grand Opening Party Success!

On September 28th, CTL Engineering hosted a very successful opening of our new branch office in Akron, Ohio. Sam DeShazior, Deputy Mayor for Economic Development for Akron, represented the Mayor’s office and did the honors of cutting the red ribbon. Sam also said a few words and did a wonderful job in welcoming us to […]

Hurricanes Illustrate Need for Building Envelope Testing

Exterior Building Thermal Image

The hurricanes that flooded Houston, drenched South Florida, and devastated Puerto Rico and its Caribbean neighbors in 2017 provided a grim reminder of the need to guard against the risk of extreme weather and water damage. Fortunately, wind, rain, and flooding on the scale of a hurricane are rare in the United States. That said, […]